Benefits Of Lemon Water For A Complete Kidney Health!

The palm-sized and bean-shaped kidneys are responsible for the cleaning of your body. They work as filters and remove the toxins and waste, including extra water, from your body.

And a clean body system is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship between the different body organs. This, in turn helps in overall good health, a sharp mind, healthy skin and energized body. 

Benefits Of Lemon Water For A Complete Kidney Health!

It is generally recommended to drink plenty of fluids, especially plain water, to help the kidneys in the cleaning and filtering process. The eight glasses of water per day mantra all that is recited for a healthy kidney and a healthy you.

But what if one added some citrus to the plain water. Is lemon water going to benefit the kidneys in any way? 

Well, ideally, it should. Isn’t it?

Benefits Of Lemon Water For A Complete Kidney Health!

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids. Lemon water will definitely boost the immunity of your body. The vitamin is also responsible for generating collagen that will maintain skin elasticity and makes one age better. 

Lemons are a rich source of citrates and vitamin C. These provide almost double the vitamin C nutrient as oranges. Since it is not a very good source of other minerals and nutrients, drinking lemon water daily isn’t going to imbalance the mineral proportion in the body. 

Now let’s see what wonder can lemon water do to the kidneys.

Kidney Stones

If anyone has ever experienced a kidney stone, they may know the discomfort and pain associated with it. And drinking lemon water can actually save one from this discomfort. 

The vitamin C present in lemons does not allow the calcium to build up in the kidneys, which is the major culprit behind kidney stones. The calcium oxalate is converted to calcium citrate. And obviously, the citrus lemon is the source of citrates. The calcium citrates are then easily flushed out of the body with water. 

So apart from the rich flavor, there is one more reason to include a lemon water drink in your diet.

Note: Lemon water alone can’t do wonders. On the need to restrict the amount of salt in the diet to have better results. 

pH balance

Drinking lemon water can help in maintaining the pH in your kidney as well as down through the urinary tract. Not only a healthy kidney, but it also helps in maintaining a healthy urinary system. 

Kidney Detox

Kidneys can handle any fluid efficiently. And water is the best choice to assist the functioning of kidneys. Lemon water is equally good in helping to remove and filter toxins through the kidney and can detoxify the system through the kidneys. 

Note: Plain water has the same impact on the filtering ability of the kidneys. It is just one needs to drink a lot of water. 

But make sure the calcium in your teeth is not washed away with a lemon water drink. Just an advice, drink it in moderation. And do not brush your teeth right away after a lemony drink. The good news is that since one is consuming lemons in diluted form, these are not going to severely damage the tooth enamel. 

What’s the Final Verdict?

Lemons are good for your overall health. When diluted with water, lemon juice might do wonders for your body. Diluting lemon juice with water also ensures that the tooth enamel, the food pipe and the stomach are not irritated due to the high acid content in the lemon juice. 

Lemon water can boost immunity, increase metabolism and helps in keeping your skin young and glowing. No wonder it soothes the taste buds of many as well.

When it comes to kidneys, lemon water has known effects in helping to detoxify fast and also reducing the chances of kidney stones. Small clusters of stone can actually be flushed out of the body due to the citrated present in lemon water. Lemon water also helps in maintaining the pH of the urinary system.

But at last, it can be concluded that if you are a great fan of lemon water, it will help you in many ways. But if you do not like it, then plain water is equally good for your kidneys and kidney stones. So no drink can beat the effect of plain water on the body and on the kidneys.

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