Heart Disease And COVID-19


If you have a heart condition, you need to take special care to avoid getting COVID-19.  The number of people dying due to COVID-19 is reducing day by day. However, if you already have heart disease, you still have more chances to get severely ill if you are infected. Heart Disease And COVID-19 Health experts … Read more

Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases: What Parents Should Know?

Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases What Parents Should Know

COVID-19 vaccines elicited a collective sigh of relief throughout the country. Even if you have children who are too young for the vaccine, getting vaccinated likely made you feel more confident about returning to some level of normal activity and life. However, a new wave of COVID-19 infections caused by the Delta variant has resulted … Read more

Covid 19 And People With Disabilities: Know The Facts

Covid 19 And People With Disabilities

In the current scenario, we can see everyone struggling from the effects of the covid 19 viruses. This has caused many of the businesses to shut down and almost all the people have been migrated to work from home culture. People are not able to move out and have been mentally affected as well. Covid … Read more