Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety With No Side Effects

Homeopathy is a treatment based on offering small amounts of a substance. These small amounts of substance would cause sickness if put in large quantities. This in turn allows the body to heal itself.

Even though homeopathy is passive to be scientifically implausible it has been proven to work. It is different from treatments that are part of conventional medicine. It is based on the principle of a substance that causes an ailment could also be used to treat it. This is achieved through the process of dilution as practitioners believe that the more substance is diluted the more has the power to cure the symptoms.

Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety With No Side Effects

Homeopathy is widely used to cure a variety of conditions among them asthma and physiological conditions such as anxiety disorders. While anxiety is a normal emotion. Sometimes it gets in the way of normal emotional health. However it’s a normal emotion that allows your brain to alert you of potential danger.

In as much as people have anxiety and are normal sometimes it may be overwhelming and cause you to avoid people which will eventually take a toll on you.

 With treatment, however, many people can manage the disorder and live a normal life.

Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety With No Side Effects

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder

In this disorder, you feel excessive, unrealistic worry and tension for no reason.

Panic disorder

You feel sudden, intense fear that brings on a panic attack. You also feel like you are going through a heart attack.  

Social anxiety disorder

With this disorder, you constantly feel overwhelmed about everyday situations and you are scared of people nudging you. 

Specific phobias

You are scared of specific things or situations.


Having an intense fear of being in a particular place and you worry about the possibility of getting help.

Features of Homeopathy

When you are looking for alternative medication for anxiety, you can do the following homeopathy treatments


Homeopathy practitioners recommend this treatment for panic that is associated with past trauma. This disorder is characterized by dry mouth fast heartbeat and dry skin. 

Argentum nitricum

This treatment is prescribed for people with anxiety for uncertainty. It may also be accompanied by digestive problems.

Arsenicum album

This is prescribed to be for anxiety due to fear of loneliness, or imperfection People with this type of anxiety fear loneliness and they cover up this fear by criticizing others.

Calcarea carbonica

Those who need Calcarea are those who benefit from Arsenicum. They develop a fear of dropping out of a routine. Anxiety worsens when plans are changed, and they show difficulty in “going with the flow.”


This is for people with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. People with this type of anxiety are often timid and shaky.  They often also desire solitude and avoid insistent pressure from other people.


Homeopaths recommend this treatment from grief or loss. People who fit this description are often very sensitive and prone to m d swings, moving from laughter to tears. Ignatia is also recommended for depression.

Kali arsenicosum

Arsenicum anxiety is health-based. Treating Conditions include hypochondria,  fear of death, unreasonable grooming, and even fear of heart attacks. People with health-based anxiety may have racing thoughts and difficulty sleeping.  They can be prone to feeling cold and vulnerable to panic attacks.

Kali phosphoricum 

This is touted for those who are vulnerable to stress or becoming overwhelmed. Their anxiety stems from having too much to do or daunting ambitions. Their anxiety tends to take a physical toll on them as well.


This treatment is like gelsemium. lycopodium is prescribed for people who lack self-confidence. They may be fearful but can be very good at hiding it by doing things differently.


Homeopathic phosphorus is used on people who are social but have anxiety . When anxious or annoyed their thoughts get scattered and they have a hard time getting things done. Their anxiety may be tied to a need for approval.


This is homeopathic remedy is for people with childlike anxiety. They need a lot of reassurance and support from others to feel better.

These methods have been embraced and may be effective combined with other treatments.

features of homeopathy

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