How Does Deep Sleep Help You Lose Weight? Facts & Myths!

Does deep sleep help you to burn fat? Disorders due to sleep are increasing and the whole world became sleep-deprived. To maintain metabolic homeostasis, good sleep is very important.

How Deep Sleep Help You To Lose Stubborn Fat?

According to different studies and scientific researches, if you are not sleeping both from a quality and a quantity standpoint, then you will gain weight. There are different phases for sleep and will be discussed later in this article. Among that, your body burns more calories during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. 

Why Deep Sleep Is The Most Important Thing To Lose Stubborn Fat

What is Metabolism?

Before knowing about the effect of deep sleep on metabolic activities, you should know deeply about metabolism. Metabolism is the overall chemical reaction that occurs in the cells of living organisms. This process is vital to sustaining life. There are two types of metabolism. They are anabolism and catabolism. Catabolism is the breakdown of organic matter into simpler molecules and anabolism is the construction of molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Metabolism is closely related to the nutrients available in your daily diet. Those nutrients are decomposed to produce energy during metabolism.  

Deep Sleep and Metabolism

As mentioned earlier, human sleep comprises of two phases. They are REM(rapid eye movement) and NREM(nonrapid eye movement). The body becomes most metabolically active during the REM phase and least active during the NREM phase. During metabolism, the body burns out energy or fat to maintain itself. A normal human being requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. The metabolic activities of your body increase when you enter into the REM phase of sleep. The range and quality of REM sleep increase when you sleep more and sufficiently. The special human growth hormone(HGH) created by our body during this time boosts the metabolism, burns fat in your body, and makes your body energetic. If your body is unable to get deep sleep, this hormone just stops its working as your body inhibits its secretion. Rather than HGH, the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin is not produced and hunger creating hormone ghrelin will be produced. This makes you overeat and obese. Thus deep sleep has a greater effect on metabolism and reducing your stubborn fat.

Tips to burn out more calories while you sleep

Sleeping too long has a reverse effect and decreases the rate of metabolic activities. Here are some tips to burn out more calories while you sleep. You can also add deep sleep supplements to your routine along with these tips.

  • Avoid large meals for dinner

Eating more early and less at night is good to get a deep and peaceful sleep. It is better for your weight too. Eating heavy meals during late-night doesn’t provide time for your body to properly digest it and this affects other metabolic activities too. When your body enters into a deep sleep, the HGH hormone is released as mentioned already in this article, and when we eat late, this hormone stores food as fat instead of energy. This leads you to overweight and makes obese.

  • Avoid alcohol consumption

Alcohols interfere in the quality of your sleep. Generally, it takes around 1 hour to metabolize one serving of alcohol. So it is better to avoid the consumption of alcohol before bedtime to maintain good metabolism. Otherwise, it distracts the REM phase of your deep sleep which reversely affects all the biochemical reactions of your body. 

  • Stop working out just before bedtime      

Exercises and workouts are good to burn fat. But avoid them at least 4 hours before your bedtime. Because grueling exercises increase your body temperature and you feel hard to fall asleep. This adversely affects your whole metabolic activities.  

Can you lose weight while sleeping?

Proper and sufficient sleep can help you avoid excess weight gain. Because to stay awake your body requires more energy and you will be more likely to be hungry. Less sleep also causes hormonal imbalances which makes you more hungry. Deep sleep is the time at which your body becomes more metabolically active and human growth hormone (HGH) is more produced at this time. When you lack sleep, your body inhibits its secretion. This also leads to the inhibition of appetite-suppressing hormone leptin. That’s why you feel more hungry when you are awake. While inhibiting the secretion of these hormones, your body releases ghrelin hormone, which creates hunger. It creates a temptation to eat and leads to stubborn fat deposition. Thus a good, proper, and peaceful deep sleep for 7 to 9 hours each night helps to lose your weight and keep all the reactions of your body active and balanced.   

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