What is PEDSnet?

PEDSnet is a pediatric learning health system dedicated to discovering and implementing new ways of providing the best care and improving health care outcomes.

Why Was PEDSnet Created?

Typically, clinical research generates evidence too slowly, at too high a cost, and does not answer the questions that are most important to patients, families, and health system leaders. A persistent challenge for pediatric research is the lack of a national interconnected, multi-institutional infrastructure. Because many of the most serious pediatric chronic conditions are rare, no single institution has a sufficient number of patients to produce generalizable research that can directly inform shared clinical decisions by parents and providers.

PEDSnet was formed to tackle these challenges and presents a unique opportunity to create a sustainable infrastructure for the future. PEDSnet comprises healthcare organizations and disease-specific networks that are working together to support the formation of a Pediatric learning health system. A learning health system has four essential attributes:

  1. An organizational architecture that facilitates formation of communities of patients, families, front-line clinicians, researchers, and health system leaders who collaborate to produce and use pediatric health care data,
  2. Large electronic health and health care data sets,
  3. Quality improvement for each patient at the point of care brought about by the integration of relevant new knowledge generated through research, and
  4. Observational research and clinical trials done in routine clinical care settings.

The learning health system is more than big data and big clinical trials. The system is dependent on the active collaboration of all members of the system, from patients to clinicians to health system leaders, and success is defined by the impact of the system on the health and lives of patients.

PEDSnet is a proud partner of PCORnet, a national patient-centered clinical research network.